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4 Haziran 2020 Perşembe

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Çalkan Import

About us

In 1993, our company was established under the name CALKAN IMPORT until the end of 2000, glassware, gifts and luxury hardware, especially the purchase and sale of the imported products was different.
2001 with growth of our company started to import under the name CALKAN IMPORT. Glassware, giftware and luxury hardware do the imports of different products, mainly, and sell products with lots of variety and high quality service to the principle of customer satisfaction with our company name CALKAN IMPORT has managed to be mentioned.

Objective of high quality and extensive range of products to our customers with the best CALKAN IMPORT dear reached soon.

The goal is always quality and rich variety of products with the knowledge that its chosen CALKAN IMPORT, as in Istanbul today in every region of Turkey with appreciation and admiration are preferred. Teamwork and team spirit to keep the highest level, always in the process of research and development, always providing the best customer service and unlimited road with the understanding of the customer satisfaction CALKAN IMPORT policy is indispensable.

Today the point reached in the imported products in a large market share, which of you well appreciated as it will on behalf of a decent way to move the CALKAN IMPORT to our customers the best service as soon as possible to ensure commitment is...